With the advent of play by play statistics in Season 3, awards have been bestowed at the end of each season.

Jim Siemen’s Award of Excellence – Most Valuable Player
Season 3 – Kelly “The Coach”
Season 4 – Kelly “The Coach”

Most Outstanding Offensive Player
Season 3 – Chris “The Rooster/The Dragon”
Season 4 – Eric “The Hammer”

Most Outstanding Pitcher
Season 3 – Kevin “The Professor”
Season 4 – Ryan “The Mechanic”

Nashua Defensive Player of the Season Award – Most Outstanding Fielder
Season 3 – Eric “The Hammer”
Season 4 – “Artillery” Arthur “10 Mile”

The Cold One – Most Outstanding Drinker
Season 3 – Richard “The Reverend”
Season 4 – Boyd “The Rocket”

The Mark Hendrix Improvement Award – Most Improved Player
Season 3 – Boyd “The Rocket”
Season 4 – Richard “The Reverend”

The Greg Thompson Rookie of the Season Award
Season 3 – Jeff “The Natural”
Season 4 – “Artillery” Arthur “10 Mile”

Awards have also been bestowed at each running of the Tapey Beercone Open Game.

Tapey Beercone Open Game 1:
Winning Manager – “The Dragon”
Most Valuable Player – Paulie “The Cowboy”

Tapey Beercone Open Game 2:
Winning Manager – “The Coach”
Most Valuable Player – #40 – Jim

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