7 for 7: #Beerpope

#Beerpope, a moment that made a Beerpope.

Tradition. Tapey Beercone is steeped in it. Since the first aluminum cans were wrapped in duct tape, the sport has held to a vast array of traditions. One needs only peruse the Official Rules finding there is literally a section titled “Traditions”, as evidence of how deeply traditions are held in the sport. More broadly, the entirely of Articles IV and V on Ground Rules and Sportsmanship codify many of the sport’s most deeply held rituals and conventions. However, the vast majority of these traditions are not founded in Tapey Beercone alone, but stretch out universally into the customs of the Buckos Nation at large. Some, such as naming each new field, or the Testicle Bill of Rights, owe their creation to Piney Pinecone. Still others, such as the playing of the Buckos National anthem or resolving disputes by Rock-Paper-Scissors are carryovers from Buckos culture in general. Not simply a part of the sport, they are traditions held across all aspects of life in the Buckos Nation. Rare is the tradition rooted in the game’s founding itself.
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From the Annals: The Triple Play

Making outs is Tapey Beercone is a challenge. The league on-base percentage hovers around .650, meaning nearly two-thirds of the time the batter safely reaches first without making an out. Given the difficulty in making one out, it’s no surprise that making two outs on one play is very uncommon. And three outs in one play, well that ought to be impossible.
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Stat Chug: BPI, CHG, and the Origins of the Statistical Era of Tapey Beercone

Stat Chug: An especially brewed stats based draft.

Beers Per Inning, Chugging Percentage, and the Origins of the Statistical Era of Tapey Beercone.

It was in the run up to the Season 3 opening series at Hell Hole that we first began a serious discussion about recording statistics during games. Not just winners and losers, and game scores as had been done in past seasons, but much more rigorous play-by-play statistics. This wasn’t unprecedented, way back during the Piney Pinecone Days at Jim Siemens Field, there was a concerted, though ultimately fruitless, attempt to record statistics during those games. We talked about how we could do it: how would we record, and more importantly what would we record? Simply hits versus outs?, or could we record all the basic play outcomes from baseball? (1B, 2B, 3B, etc.) Then it hit us: What about recording beers? It was with that thought that we knew stats needed to become a thing!
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Introducing the Tapey Beercone Blug and Updates for Next Year

This website has existed for over three years now, and in that time it has mainly served as a web portal for finding updated Tapey Beercone rules as well as a location where seasonal statistics were posted. Over the last year, much more content has been added, includes a flushed out version of the Annals of the Sport and well as a plethora of updated player profiles. But it’s almost 2018, and now is as good a time as any to provide an update for what to expect in the year ahead.
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7 for 7: The Miracle Near 79th Street

The Miracle Near 79th Street, a Buckos Christmas Story

Our story takes place in New York City, in the Winter of 2012, but let’s back track a little, to Alaska in May of 2010. At that time Tapey Beercone was still in its infancy, the sport just but a year old, and while just one game had been played outside the sport’s birthplace in California, the sport had already woven itself into the fabric of the Buckos Nation to the point that it was a given that the Buckos would take the game with them went they took a trip to Alaska. This led to a shining success, the three game Alaska Series, and it instilled in the Buckos Nation the concept that the sport could be taken anywhere. In the years after the sport spread, to Oregon, across California, and even to somewhat public spaces, but our story is about the game expanding to a place that would have seemed impossible, ever while picking up ax handles from checked baggage at the airport in Anchorage.
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Photos from the 2017 Tapey Beercone Open Game

For the 2nd time, the Tapey Beercone Open Game was held, this time with the event moved to a cooler month. But the action was just as hot, four teams battled but after a perfect inning pitched by Jim and two grand slams by “The Coach” their team emerged victorious.

Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.

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