The Tapey Beercone Open Game

The Tapey Beercone Open Game is Tapey Beercone’s annual open house. The event’s objective is to bring together good people, so they can have fun, drink some beers, and enjoy this special variety of base and ball sport.

The upcoming running of the event will be it’s 3rd year, to be held once again at Trailerville Acres on May 5th, 2018. The last two runnings have been huge successes. and a ton of fun, and the hope is to build from that and have another great event this time.

This event is open to all, so please feel free to invite those who would be interested. Based on turnout, play may simply involve a single game with two teams, but more likely involve a tournament structured as a “Simultaneous Round Robin” style contest with multiple teams cycling in and out between half innings. Either way, regardless of turnout, everyone who wants to play will have the opportunity to do so.

Details on the upcoming running of the event:
2018 Tapey Beercone Open Game Details and Pre-Registration

Photos from Past Events:

2017 Tapey Beercone Open Game
2016 Tapey Beercone Open Game

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