2018 Tapey Beercone Open Game

For the third year in a row, the Tapey Beercone Open Game was be held in Northern California at Trailerville Acres.

Some information on the event:
All are welcome and encouraged to play regardless of skill level. We will do our best to build even teams, and no one takes this thing that serious. The goal is to hang out with friends, drink beer, and have a good time.

For food, we’ll gave a grill near the field with a bunch of dogs and burgers to share. Bring whatever else you feel like eating and sharing.

For beer, we’ll have a bunch of Coor’s Light ready to go, but please bring something of your own if you plan on having more than a few, or if you want to drink something other than the silver bullet. Just keep in mind that if you haven’t tried drinking and playing baseball at the same time before, you may want to stick to the light stuff…

For those who will be drinking and as such won’t be driving off right after, the host wants to pass along that you can stay at his place as long as you like.

These games tend to take about 4 hours, and if people gather around 10AM we’ll look to start the game around 11. If you want to play, but can’t stay the entire time that’s okay. Just let us know ahead of time so we can plan the teams accordingly.

As far as what else to bring, the weather looks to be warm and sunny, and we’ll be prepared with multiple shade structures for cover. If you have something of your own you can bring that would be great. In addition, it would be helpful if everyone could bring a portable folding chair, of something similar to sit on when you aren’t in the field.

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