7 for 7: It Started With a Pinecone

Series One of 7 for 7 comes to its conclusion with the Nation’s Origin Story

It Started with a Pinecone, Every nation has their Legends. This is Our’s

In the beginning, lunch was long and boring. The spirit of competition lay dormant in the hearts of those who ached for sport. Neither soccer balls, nor idle conversation would sate them. Then the spark. Swinging a fallen branch as a bat. Someone pitched a pinecone. A hit, a hastily designed field, and the game was born. It was an age of discovery. Crush the pinecone to curb excessive pineyness, and find a place to hide the bat. An age of invention. The Grand Salami, the split ball double, and the testicle amendment. Discovery and invention created sport and fanned the flames of friendship.

It was an age of heroes. Grunde, Harston and Holler, Blonski and Lee, Curtis and McAvoy founded, built, and played the game. The word spread. Outsiders joined the fray. Shurtz’s, Tonelli, Brocker, Urling, Pickell, and others left their mark on the shape of things to come. It became the focus of a culture, small though it was. From nothing more than the flotsam outside a classroom, we crafted our nation.

Then the sundering. We were flung far and wide to become what we would be. Teacher, Artist, Engineer, and Soldier. The world was darker. The nation became diaspora. The game came to be played in the gatherings, sometimes without pinecone, sometimes without branches. Pinecones became scarce, beer became plentiful. The game was dead.

Then someone found some duct tape…

So concludes the first series of 7 for 7. From everyone at Tapey Beercone we wish you a Happy New Year.

In other news, 7 for 7 was been picked up for another series, so look forward for more great short stories on the history of this Great Game.

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