Morro Bay Tapey Beercone Beercomplex

The Morro Bay Tapey Beercone Beer Complex, first used during Season 2, includes two storied Tapey Beercone fields, with the potential for additional fields over the many miles of beach along the bay shore.

Plover Rock Field

View from the infield at Plover Rock Field

The first field to be created at the site, Plover Rock field was also the first site for a regular two team Tapey Beercone game at a beach field. The field is named in honor of the massive 600 foot tall Morro Rock which sits about a mile to the south. Plover Rock Field was a simple field, with piles of seaweed used for bases and only the ocean as a limit to how far back a ball could be fielded.

Bridgeside Beach

View of the Bridgeside Beach side from the Toro Creek Overcrossing.

Bridge Side beach was next created at the site for an epic two game series during the second half of Season 3. The field is named after the nearby Toro Creek Overcrossing, Bridge 49-68 of California State Route 1. Bridgeside Beach was also the first field to utilize a Mobile Backstop Net. Unlike Plover Rock Field, Bridgeside Beach was situated far enough away from the ocean’s breakers that there was effectively no limit to how far off the outfield stretched.

Field Name
Plover Rock Field
Bridgeside Beach
LocationMorro Bay State ParkMorro Bay
CountySan Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo
Elevation5 ft8 ft
Play Area Angle75°75°
Grand Salami ZoneLanding is Demarkated Circle in Sand.
Grand Salamis HitNoneNone
Infield SurfaceLoose Beach SandLoose Beach Sand
Outfield SurfaceWet Compact Beach SandLoose Beach Sand
Outfield ObstaclesNoneNone
Beer Pope CoronationsNonePope Hammer I - 8/2/2014
Inception Date5/26/20128/1/2014
Total Regents to Play at the Field54
Largest CrowdDozens of Beach-goers - 5/26/2012One Family, an Irish Wolfhound, and a Dead Seal - 8/1/2014

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