Introducing the Chris Curtis Commemorative Tapey Beercone Rotisserie League

The process of invention can take many forms. From the inception of an idea, to the tinkering with specifics, to the eventual roll out of a finalized design, this process is often a lengthy one. Other times this process is almost instantaneous where an inspiration leaps from the mind in near final form just waiting to be realized. Such is the case with Tapey Beercone’s first Fantasy Sports League.

It was during last season’s final Ranch weekend when the magic happened. With the Buckos relaxing around the cabin, the topic of conversation was a Buckos’ favorite: sports. Specifically discussion drifted from talk of Tapey Beercone to talk of the various Buckos fantasy baseball teams. Eventually Chris, who is not amused by these topics, had had enough! First Tapey Beercone, a Sport removed from prevailing sports culture, then fantasy baseball leagues, even further esoteric, “What was next?!” Chris exclaimed! Immediately, the other Buckos knew just what to do: Combine the Two!

Chris is not amused.

In that moment, based on Chris’ inspiration the idea of creating a fantasy sports league using Tapey Beercone statistics was born, and in Chris’ honor ( and to his annoyance) the league will forever bear his name. The Chris Curtis Commemorative Tapey Beercone Rotisserie League follows typical Rotisserie Baseball rules, featuring 10 scoring categories, 4 bonus/penalty statistics, and the league’s first season features 4 fantastic teams.

The scoring categories are as follows:


  • R – Runs Scored
  • RBI – Runs Batted In
  • B – Beers Consumed
  • CHGChugging Percentage
  • NSB – Net Stolen Bases (Stolen Bases minus Caught Stealing)

  • Defense:

  • K – Strike Outs
  • BB – Walks (Lower is better)
  • ERA – Eared Run Average (Runs Allowed Divided by Innings Pitched, Lower is better)
  • IP – Innings Pitched
  • FS– Field Successes (Outs made on Batted Balls as a Fielder)

In addition to the 10 scoring categories their are 2 bonus categories and two penalty categories:


  • BP – Beer Pope Coronations (An extra point is given for each time the player is coronated Beerpope)
  • GS – Grand Salamis Hit (An extra point is given for each Grand Salami hit)

  • BF – Beer Foul – (A point is deducted for each beer foul perpetrated by the player)
  • TF – Testicle Foul – (A point is deducted for each testicle foul perpetrated by the player)

And now to introduce the teams:

The first pick in the CCCTBCRL Season 1 draft went to:

The Dragon Riders:

Owner: Richard “The Reverend”

The Dragon Riders pair three seasoned Buckos with the only Buckette to make a CCCTBCRL roster.

Next was:

The Cheeseless Cheeseburgers:

Owner: Kelly “The Coach”

The Cheeseless are anchored by “The Hammer”, and backed up by three of the games best non-Buckos batters including one, Tyler, who has never played in a Buckos League stat game to date.

The third pick went to:

Folksie Wisdom:

Owner: Eric “The Hammer”

Folkie Wisdom, is the mirrow image of the cheeseless burgers, anchored by the opposing owner, the team is filled out with three of the Sport’s young guns.

Lastly we have:

Pope Rooster’s Cocks:

Owner: Boyd “The Rocket”

Pope Rooster’s Cocks is a curated assemblage of some of the Sport’s best drinkers, while also hosting some decent batters and pitchers.

Finally, after three stat games in Season 6, here are the current standings:

Currently Folksie Wisdom have the lead with three of their four players contributing. The Cheeseless Cheeseburgers and Pope Rooster’s Cocks are nipping at their heels while The Dragon Riders have yet to get off the ground.

More updates to follow as the season progresses!

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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