This section contains all rules and rules related documents associated with playing and officiating the game of Tapey Beercone. As rules are amended and reviewed you can always look here for the most current and up to date version of the rules. Also, expect additional documentation to be added in the future such as official rulings on specific plays and additional documentation on the legals traditions of Tapey Beercone.

Current documents include:

– The Official and Governing Rules: The most up to date version of the sport’s rule book.

– The Tapey Beercone Rules Primer: A brief summary documents for new players which includes a bulleted list of the unique rules of Tapey Beercone as compared to other base and ball sports.

– The Tapey Beercone Charter: The Sport’s principal document regarding governance of the sport, including details on the rights and responsibilities for each member of the Player’s Association.

– Commissioner Memos: Keep up to date on the latest on goings at the Commission’s Office my reading the published Commissioner Memos.

Coming Soon:

– Tapey Beercone Legal Tradition

– Tapey Beercone Video Reviews

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