CCC TBC Rotisserie League Season 7 Kick Off and Post Chris-Mass Update

Chris-Mass came early this year!

Indeed, the Chris-Mass Classic, normally held in December, took place on November 5th this year, and with it came the gift of a much anticipated Season 7 CCC TBC Rotisserie League reveal!
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CCC TBC Rotisserie League 2nd Mid Season Beerpope Trade Window

As announced by the Commissioners back in November, while a new year is upon us, Season 6 will continue for an additional year. And for the Chris Curtis Commemorative Tapey Beercone Rotisserie League this means a 2nd Beerpope Trade Window! This gives each team another opportunity to swap out one of their players for a free agent, or for two teams to come together for a trade. Or, if a team feels confident enough in their roster, they can also choose to stand pat. As before the waiver order will proceed in the reserve of the current standings which is as follows: Continue reading “CCC TBC Rotisserie League 2nd Mid Season Beerpope Trade Window”

CCC TBC Rotisserie League Update & Mid Season Beerpope Trade Window

In any fantasy sports draft mistakes are made. The same was certainly true in the Chris Curtis Commemorative Tapey Beercone Rotisserie League. Knowing this, the crafters of the league provided an out. The mid-season Beerpope Trade Window! Between New Years Day and Beer Pope Day Weekend each team would have the opportunity to swap up to one rostered player for a free agent, or two teams could agree to swap players.

With the ending of the decade, the window is here, and with updates from the most recent game the waiver order can be determined by reversing the current standing. Those standings are shown below: Continue reading “CCC TBC Rotisserie League Update & Mid Season Beerpope Trade Window”

From the Annals: The Stumble-Off King

Among the collection of team sports, one unique characteristic all base and ball varieties share is the lack of a clock. Instead of a timed game ending when the clock reaches zero, in base and ball sports a game runs for a defined series of contests, innings, and only when the last out is recorded in the last of these innings is the game over. At least this is the case most of the time, yet there is another way for a game to end. During the last inning, if the team last up to bat can come from behind, or break a tie, to take the lead, the game immediately ends. In baseball this is called a walk-off, exemplified by the walk-off home run where a batter scores the winning run on a home run, trots around the bases, and walks off the field victorious. The feat is rare in baseball, rarer still in Tapey Beercone, yet one player stands above the rest by accomplishing it twice.
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Introducing the Chris Curtis Commemorative Tapey Beercone Rotisserie League

The process of invention can take many forms. From the inception of an idea, to the tinkering with specifics, to the eventual roll out of a finalized design, this process is often a lengthy one. Other times this process is almost instantaneous where an inspiration leaps from the mind in near final form just waiting to be realized. Such is the case with Tapey Beercone’s first Fantasy Sports League.

It was during last season’s final Ranch weekend when the magic happened. With the Buckos relaxing around the cabin, the topic of conversation was a Buckos’ favorite: sports. Specifically discussion drifted from talk of Tapey Beercone to talk of the various Buckos fantasy baseball teams. Eventually Chris, who is not amused by these topics, had had enough! First Tapey Beercone, a Sport removed from prevailing sports culture, then fantasy baseball leagues, even further esoteric, “What was next?!” Chris exclaimed! Immediately, the other Buckos knew just what to do: Combine the Two!
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Photos from Beerpope Day Weekend 2019

The Buckos celebrated a Decade of Tapey Beercone and Season 6 was kicked off over Beerpope Day Weekend. An exciting two game series took place at Anachy Canyon at The Pinnacles which included all seven founding Regents, as well and many of the games most dedicated players.

Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.

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7 for 7: It Started With a Pinecone

Series One of 7 for 7 comes to its conclusion with the Nation’s Origin Story

It Started with a Pinecone, Every nation has their Legends. This is Our’s

In the beginning, lunch was long and boring. The spirit of competition lay dormant in the hearts of those who ached for sport. Neither soccer balls, nor idle conversation would sate them. Then the spark. Swinging a fallen branch as a bat. Someone pitched a pinecone. A hit, a hastily designed field, and the game was born. It was an age of discovery. Crush the pinecone to curb excessive pineyness, and find a place to hide the bat. An age of invention. The Grand Salami, the split ball double, and the testicle amendment. Discovery and invention created sport and fanned the flames of friendship.
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From the Annals: Musing on Award Recipients from the Early Seasons

Recently, the Commissioner’s Office of Tapey Beercone has Announced New Procedures for conferring Awards for the soon to be concluded Season 5. This continues a tradition begun in Season 3 to end the season by highlighting some of the Sport’s most outstanding players and performances. No such tradition existed prior to that point in the Sport’s history. In fact, the concept of seasons within the Sport of Tapey Beercone was not fully formulated until Season 3, leading Season 1 and 2 to be lumped together as the “Early Seasons” Still, this begs the question: Had awards been handed out in those earliest of seasons, who would they have been given to and why?
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