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Read below for snippets from the site’s latest posts. More can be found at the Blug.

  • CCC TBC Rotisserie League Season 8 Kick Off - The start of another season means the kick off of another exciting season of rotisserie league beercone! On opening day of the 8th season of Tapey Beercone, a draft was held right before first pitch leading to 4 very competitive fantasy teams.
  • Photos from Beerpope Day Weekend 2024 at The Ranch - AFter last year’s Beerpope Day Weekend festivities were postponed due to blizzard conditions, this year the Buckos would not be deterred, and the result was an exciting two game series at The Ranch to kickoff Season 8. Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.
  • CCC TBC Rotisserie League Season 7 Wrap Up - Since our last update, there was one additional game played, the Chris-Mass Classic, in which players from three roto teams saw action. But with the title on the line, Coach ‘Em Up held serve to claim the first title the title. The entire standings are below:
  • Photos from the 2023 Chris-Mass Classic - Good things come to those who wait, and this year that meant waiting six days into 2024 for the 2023 Chris-Mass Classic. And what a good time it was. While rain threatened to cancel the event, the weather was held at bay long enough for a 4 inning affair to belatedly celebrate Chris-Mass at Incline … Continue reading "Photos from the 2023 Chris-Mass Classic"
  • Commissioner Memo: Suspension of Boyd Holler - To: Members of the Tapey Beercone Player’s Association From: The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone CC: Public Commissioner Memos Blug Re: Suspension of Boyd Holler Date: 20240107 Greetings All, This letter constitutes an official notice of suspension of Boyd Holler. The effective date of suspension is retroactive to 17th October 2023. Details of … Continue reading "Commissioner Memo: Suspension of Boyd Holler"