The Sport of Kings Returns

Having not held a Buckos League contest since January, the longest hiatus since the Sport’s earliest days, the Sport of Kings made a triumphant return from indefinite suspension at the 7th Annual Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational. This began with an epic game under the lights of Volcanoes Stadium, the first Buckos League night game!
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More Info on the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitation – Pandemic Edition

The Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitation is just around the corner and it’s time for a round of updates on the event.

First, if you’ve been hiding in your basement all summer and weren’t aware, we are less then two weeks away from the most extraordinary Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitation yet, the Pandemic Edition. Held rain or shine at Volcanoes Stadium on Saturday, November 14th, 2020. Tickets are still available in either the form of the Grand Regents Invitation Package, G.R.I.P., or the Standard Humble Invitational Ticket, S.H.I.T., but sale prices for these tickets end this Friday, November 7th. In the last week leading up to the event these tickets will only be available at full price, so order now!
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Announcing the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational – Pandemic Edition

Oregon, the wild misty North of the Buckos Nation. Its rugged mountain vistas have been the backdrop for some of Tapey Beercone’s most iconic moments, but this November, all of that storied history becomes a fart in the wind compared to what’s coming…
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Tapey Beercone Season Suspended Indefinately Due to Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic

Today, April 1st, 2020, the Commissioner’s Office of Tapey Beercone announced the immediate and indefinite suspension of the 6th Season of Tapey Beercone due to the growing impacts of the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic. While there are as yet no confirmed cases within the Buckos Nation, the Commissioner’s could not guarantee the safety of the player’s leading to this drastic measure.
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News: The Oregon Invitation Goes on the Road, Discovers New Beerpope

This season,for a change of pace, the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational was moved up to Labor Day Weekend and taken on the road. Instead of being played local venue in the Willamette Valley, the game was held in extreme southern Oregon at Pastoral Nest. But these changes didn’t hinder the competition, as the usual combination of exciting play, plentiful drinking, and off-field hilarity were all readily on display.
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Buckos Nation After Action Report

On Beerpope Weekend 2019 the Buckos Nation engaged in prolonged hostilities with a flock of big mean turkeys. This is that story.

Initial Contact:
Arriving early Friday afternoon, Hammer and Coach established a beachhead and command center for the weekend’s coming exercise. Contact was established with the locals, Park Ranger “Steely” Dan Gato, and the Nice lady who ran the store. Seeing as the park was left completely unprotected and was likely to fall to communism at any second, the two commissioners took it upon themselves to offer the protection of the mighty Buckos Nation. Continue reading “Buckos Nation After Action Report”