News: Annals Updated after Labor Day Games

Over Labor Day Weekend, a two game series of Tapey Beercone was played on Sun-Scorched New Gordon Field. The games ran the full spectrum of Tapey Beercone play. From the highs of a bases clearing double resulting in a five run inning, to the dismal fact that one game saw three beer spilling fouls charged.
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Photos from The Ranch, Labor Day 2018

During a Labor Day Weekend work trip to The Ranch, two exciting and combative games of Tapey Beercone were held at Sun-Scorched New Gordon Field. The games pitted Team Reverend Coach against Team Dragon Rocket Hammer. These games will likely close the book on games played at the Ranch during Season 5.

Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.

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Commissioner Memo: Memo Regarding Upcoming Rules Review and Proposals for Rule Changes

To: Co- Commissioner Eric “The Hammer”
From: Co-Commissioner Kelly “The Coach”
CC: Public Commissioner Memos Blug
Memo Regarding Upcoming Rules Review and Proposals for Rule Changes
Re: List of Potential Rule Change Proposals

Per Your request and in preparation for a proposed rules review during the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational, listed below are a series of proposed rule chances. These includes a framework to codify the ground rules for base stealing, additional proposed rules to resolve other ground/governing rulings as well as open rules issues from this season, and lastly a number of minor rule changes/clarifications which this Commissioner deems worthy of discussion.
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From The Annals: Barnstorming

Tapey Beercone was created in a fit of intoxicated inspiration among a group of friends know collectively as the Buckos, who now preside as the governing Regents of the Sport. These events took place on one of many “Buckos Trips”, epic excursions taken by our group or a portion of it. And so it would followed, as the Annals of Tapey Beercone unfolded all the games took place on these storied Buckos Trips. And at the same time the sport developed, adding written rules, traditions, and statistics, all taking place on Buckos Trips. But eventually this wasn’t the case, and the question became as to how to handle these games?
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7 for 7: Pitching 101

Pitching 101, How a Rookie Pitcher would Re-Write the Book on Pitching with a Beercone.

Through the first two and a half seasons of Tapey Beercone, just eight persons had ever played the game. Of those eight, a core of six, the Regents minus Ryan, constituted the vast majority of player appearances. Within this tight core of players, the characteristics of play became fairly uniform. Sure, every player had their tendencies, and their unique idiosyncrasies, but on the whole the game would look very similar regardless of who was as bat, and who was on the mound. However, as Season 3 turned over to its second half at the start of 2014, the sport entered a phase of rapid player expansion.

Over the course of just two short months, the player pool would expand from eight, to nineteen! With the growth of the player base would come a divergence in playing style, as no longer were the players all rooted in a common tradition dating back to the Piney Pinecone days. This tail is about one of those players; a pitcher. A pitcher who had his own unique style and delivery, a pitcher who would ride that uniqueness all the way to being named season 3’s Pitcher of the Season.
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News: Annals Updated with June Game Log and Stats plus New Field

Early this month an exciting game of Tapey Beercone transpired at New Gordon Field. The game was an exemplary display of great Tapey Beercone play featuring fantastic defensive plays, all around great offensive, and plentiful drinking. Two players reached the 2.0 CHG benchmark, and for the first time at New Gordon Field an Outside the Park Home Run was hit. To top it all, the game also featured the coronation of a new Beerpope!
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Photos from The Ranch, June 2018

During a brief trip to The Ranch, Buckos Chris, Kelly, and Richard accompanied by Gerry “The Stud” played an abbreviated, yet exciting, game of Tapey Beercone at Sun-Scorched New Gordon Field.

Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.

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Photos from the 2018 Tapey Beercone Open Game

For the 3rd year in a row, the Tapey Beercone Open Game was held at Trailerville Acres and a wonderful day of Tapey Beercone action was had.

Congratulations to Team Coach for their nail-biter victory over Team Reverend, which required an extra inning of finals play to reach a decision, and to Tyler “The Deuce” for being named MVP of the Tournament after launching a colossal three-run home run over the left field fence and leading his team to the top seed of the round robin portion of the tournament.

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MLB Announces “Swigging for the Fences” in partnership with Tapey Beercone

This morning, during an April Fools Day New Conference, Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred, announced major additions to the MLB Network programming schedule. Chief among these was the new travel/reality show “Swigging for the Fences” which would be produced in partnership with Tapey Beercone.

Per the MLB Commissioner this move represented part of “a concrete strategy to appeal to a younger audience by leveraging the growing popularity of the burgeoning sport of Tapey Beercone to attracted a more youthful viewership.” The show will be hosted by the Co-Commissioners of Tapey Beercone, Kelly “The Coach” and Eric “The Hammer”, with each episode featuring prominent stars and personalities from MLB. As to how Manfred come up with the idea, according to him while listening to one of his favorite Podcasts, the Tipping Pitches Baseball Podcast, he heard the hosts describing the idea and, he “immediately knew this was exactly the kind of show we needed to fix baseball’s image problem with the younger generation”. According to sources within MLB Network, within weeks of the podcast’s airing, a deal had already been reached between MLB and Tapey Beercone and episodes of the show were filming.
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Hammer Time: The Beercone: A Material Study – Part I – Introduction

We all know the legend by now. How Piney Pinecone evolved from a child’s game into the Game of Kings over a frigid January weekend at The Ranch, a little more than nine years ago.

We know the major tenets of the game, the 5-3 Runs/Outs limit, the Foul Out, Beaning the Runner, and the Testicle Amendment, survive to this day without modification from their original form. The spirit of the game has remained largely unchanged as well, only having grown to incorporate inebriated nonsense as part of the Art of Shit-talking. To the outside observer, watching games of Piney Pinecone side-by-side with Tapey Beercone, very little would hold them apart and that was the point. A single critical innovation proved the catalyst for that glorious evolution; The crafting of the first Beercone.
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