Player Profile – #100 – Gordon “L337 H4x”

Gordon is a journeyman Tapey Beercone player, first having played in the total route at “The Hammer’s” Bachelor Party in Season 4. Since then he has played in two runnings of the Tapey Beercone Open and the 6th Annual OTBCI, as well as a few barnstorming games in the Cascade League. His nickname is a reference to his attempt at an SQL injection of the TBC website prior to the 2019 TBC Open.

“L337 H4X” playing at the 2018 Open.

Gordon’s characteristics as a player can best be summed up by his performance in the 2019 Tapey Beercone Open. He began the event with little plate discipline and even less fielding coordination. by the middle of the 2nd Inning, he had consumed 6 beers. His batting became more patient, his aim truer, and his movements on the field more fluid. By the time the Free-for-all game started, Gordon was at least 12 beers in, and had become an absolute monster at the plate, crushing balls to left field without regard for the strike zone. A side effect of this bender was a measured uptick in the ferocity of his shit-talking, which since has become the datum by which we measure his playing ability. If Gordon’s response to “Would you like a beer?” is “F**k you! You’re not my Mom!”, you’ve got a winner on your hands folks.

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