Tapey Beercone Mobilizes the Beercone Blizzard Busters

In a stunning turn of events, a series of major winter storms have forced the suspension of the Tapey Beercone (TBC) season. The series of blizzards that swept through the Northern California coast over the past few months left beercone fields and beercomplexes buried under several feet of snow, downed thousand of trees and powerlines closing roads and highways, and made mountain passes inaccessible making it impossible to play any Tapey Beercone games.

This lead to the indefinite suspension of the Beerpope Day Tapey Beercone series and has led to speculation that the remainder of Season 7 of Tapey Beercone could be cancelled.
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CCC TBC Rotisserie League Live Waiver Wire Coverage

We’ll do it live!

With the annual trip to The Ranch over Beerpope Day Weekend cancelled this year, the Buckos would have to settle for the next best thing.

That’s right…

Live Chris Curtis Commemorative TBC Rotisserie League Waiver Wire via Text Message!!
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CCC TBC Rotisserie League Season 7 Kick Off and Post Chris-Mass Update

Chris-Mass came early this year!

Indeed, the Chris-Mass Classic, normally held in December, took place on November 5th this year, and with it came the gift of a much anticipated Season 7 CCC TBC Rotisserie League reveal!
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To our Players:

Firstly, we want to thank you for your continued support of the Game of Kings. As we began to emerge from one of the drunkest periods in our history, our fields are filled with cans; the games were filled with excitement; and tens of people felt the joys of watching Tapey Beercone first hand.

That is why we are so disappointed about the situation in which our game finds itself today. Despite the Office of the Commissioners best effort to make a deal betwixt itself, we were unable to extend our 13 year-long history of organizational unity and come to an agreement before the current Commissioner’s Bargaining Agreement (CBA) expired. Therefore, we have been forced to commence a LOCKOUT of Tapey Beercone, effective at 12:01am PDT on January 1st, 2022.
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