Game Box Scores

Since the sport’s beginnings the occurrences and results of games have been recorded. During the game’s first season recording was done is the simplest of forms, with only the participants and winning team being recorded. During season 2 final scores were added as well. It was not until season 3, with the advent of play by play statistics that the results of each game were recorded as full box scores.

On the links below, one will find records for each season’s box scores. First the early season box scores which include the information kept for seasons one and two, and following that, the full score scores for each season.

Buckos Games

– Early Season Game Logs

– Season 3 Game Box Scores

– Season 4 Game Box Scores

– Season 5 Game Box Scores

– Season 6 Game Box Scores

– Season 7 Game Box Scores


– Season 4 Barnstorming Exhibitions

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