In its beginnings the sport of Tapey Beercone acted as a pastime, a simple diversion during trips and gatherings engendered for other purposes. Since that time, as the Sport gained in popularity, the occasions of play became more of the focus of these gathering to the point that eventually standalone Tapey Beercone events were planned and completed. Some of these events have evolved into what are now known as the Major Tapey Beercone Events, held at least once a season, while others add to a growing list of individual events in the sport’s Annals.

Major Seasonal Tapey Beercone Events
(each header links to that Event’s event page.)

Winter Classic
– Held during December at the end of each season.
– Celebrates the Finale of each Tapey Beercone Season.
– First played in 2012.

Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational
– Held Annually in Oregon over Veteran’s Day Weekend.
– An exclusive event, representing Tapey Beercone in it’s purist form.
– First played in 2014.

Tapey Beercone Open Game
– Held Annually in Northern California at Trailerville Acres in May.
– An Open House Tournament to promote Tapey Beercone to the public.
– First played in 2016.

Tapey Beercone Kumite
– Held Annually in conjunction with other major events.
– A battle royale tournament which pits player against player in a contest which ultimately concludes with the crowning of an individual champion.
– First played in 2019.

Other Past Events
-2011 Tapey Beercone World Series, held at The Ranch.
The Quake at the Lake held at Riparian Hideout.
The Great Basin Series held at Panorama Promontory Park and Syncline Shelf.
“Mechanic’s” Post Wedding Game held at Brown’s Downs.
“Hammer’s” Post Wedding Double-Header held at ‘Lectric Acres.
Spring Training Pro-Am held at “The Beach is Gone” Wash.

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