Season 4 Barnstorming Exhibitions

Starting after Season 3, once statistics began to be logged for all Regent League Games, but prior to the establishment of any franchise leagues or major seasonal events, multiple exhibition games were held where fewer then three Regents played or where exceptionally large groups of players were present. The results of these various barnstorming games are logged below.

Lee City Park
February 14th, 2015
Salem, Marion County, Oregon
Eric, Lee Ann, Jeff , Jess, Kasey, and Kelly
Game 1: Eric/Jeff/Kasey WIN


‘Lectric Acres
September 6th, 2015
McLeay, Marion County, Oregon
Christine, Eric, Lee Ann, Kasey, Kelly, Pete
Game 1: Kasey/Kelly/Pete WIN


‘Lectric Acres
The Wedding Double Header
July 17th, 2016
McLeay, Marion County, Oregon
Eric's Team:

Amy, Ben, Brian, Eric, Geoff, Pete, Richard, Scott, Lee Ann’s Mom, Girl in Black, and Others

Kelly's Team:

Arthur, Boyd, Bryce, Dave, Gabby, Lee Ann, Kasey, Kelly, Stephen, Maxine, Christine, Lee Ann’s Dad, and Others

Game 1: Eric’s Team WIN
Game 2: Kelly’s Team WIN

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