Requesting Nominations for the Season 6 Jim Siemens Award of Excellence

Season 6 has drawn to a close, and as we await the ending of the current LOCKOUT!!!, and the beginning of the next season, now is the time to nominate players for the Season 6 Jim Siemens Award of Excellence.
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Photos From the Season 6 Mid-Season Chris-Mass Game

Continuing a tradition from last season’s Winter Classic, Chris “The Rooster”/”The Dragon” hosted an exciting Tapey Beercone event in Merced, CA now known as “Chris-Mass”. The game represented the mid point of Season 6. The Annals have now been updated to include this game including updates to the game box scores, statistics, and atlas.

Below you can view photos from the album. You can also head directly to the album, where you can view all the photos and add any of your own.
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Photos from Beerpope Day Weekend 2019

The Buckos celebrated a Decade of Tapey Beercone and Season 6 was kicked off over Beerpope Day Weekend. An exciting two game series took place at Anachy Canyon at The Pinnacles which included all seven founding Regents, as well and many of the games most dedicated players.

Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.

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From the Annals: Musing on Award Recipients from the Early Seasons

Recently, the Commissioner’s Office of Tapey Beercone has Announced New Procedures for conferring Awards for the soon to be concluded Season 5. This continues a tradition begun in Season 3 to end the season by highlighting some of the Sport’s most outstanding players and performances. No such tradition existed prior to that point in the Sport’s history. In fact, the concept of seasons within the Sport of Tapey Beercone was not fully formulated until Season 3, leading Season 1 and 2 to be lumped together as the “Early Seasons” Still, this begs the question: Had awards been handed out in those earliest of seasons, who would they have been given to and why?
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Commissioner Memo: Memo Updating Awards Procedures for Season 5

To: Co- Commissioner Eric “The Hammer”
From: Co-Commissioner Kelly “The Coach”
CC: Field Marshall of the Buckos Expeditionary Forces Chris “The Dragon”
CC: Public Commissioner Memos Blug
Memo Updating Awards Procedures for Season 5
Re: Consolidation of Awards and New Nomination/Voting Procedure

As the current season draws to a close we again begin to contemplate our season ending traditions. One such tradition, held since Season 3, has seen the conferring of seasonal Awards. In past seasons a multitude of awards have been bestow, yet as we have heretofore reviewed our intent is to simplify and consolidate the awards for Season 5. Here is a summary of the awards we will confer, and the process by which the recipients will be determined, for Season 5:
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Gaveltime: Parliamentary Procedure of the Buckos Nation

There is a long and mighty legal tradition in the Buckos Nation. Tapey Beercone, famously created on that frigid January day, wasn’t “born with teeth.” From “Brown v. Education” to “Curtis v. Pile of Rocks” the laws of the Buckos Nation, and the game itself, were sculpted in media res. Any play, action, or stupid thing someone says can potentially trigger the meandering process by which a ground rule becomes codified in the “Official and Governing Rules” of the Sport.

Today, in preparation for the coming Rules Review, we discuss parliamentary procedure and the Buckos Rules of Order. Hang on tight, its gonna be a wild ride.
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From The Annals: Barnstorming

Tapey Beercone was created in a fit of intoxicated inspiration among a group of friends know collectively as the Buckos, who now preside as the governing Regents of the Sport. These events took place on one of many “Buckos Trips”, epic excursions taken by our group or a portion of it. And so it would followed, as the Annals of Tapey Beercone unfolded all the games took place on these storied Buckos Trips. And at the same time the sport developed, adding written rules, traditions, and statistics, all taking place on Buckos Trips. But eventually this wasn’t the case, and the question became as to how to handle these games?
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From the Annals: The Regency Streak

As dictated by the sport’s Charter, Tapey Beercone is governed by seven Regents. These being the original seven players who founded the sport and played in its first games. All seven players are still active players today, and all have ample history playing throughout the sports five seasons. But what is somewhat remarkable is the consistency of their playtime, and the resulting streak.
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Photos from the Original Ranch Series

The Original Series. Where the sport was born out of drunken inspiration. Very little documentation remains from that exciting series of games that got us all hooked on playing baseball with beer cans and an axe handle in the frigid cold, but what does can be seen here.

Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.

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