Player Profile – #78 – Frank “The Student”

Frank is a Season 5 rookie who’s first participation in Tapey Beercone came during the Beer Pope Day series at The Ranch. Youthful and athletic, with the build of a middle linebacker, Frank showed great physical potential, and he was a high pick when teams were drafted for the series. But what Frank possessed in physical gifts he still lacked in seasoning, making his first series as a player a learning experience. Luckily for Frank, he was a quick learner.

Frank swinging early and whiffing at a pitch.

Frank could swing a mighty bat, and he could swing it hard and fast. But to control the bat, to time his swing and squarely contact the beercone, these skills eluded him. So when the series began Frank struggled, striking out is most of his appearances at the plate. But Frank would study hard, review his at bats, and gain from them. Quickly gaining experience, he became better at making contact, and in the process unlocking his potential for prodigious power.

Frank beginning to unlock the power in his bat.

Later in the series, Frank would offer a preview of his future. Running into a well pitched offering, Frank smacked a ball deep into left field, one of the deepest hit balls of the weekend. Making it to second base with ease, Frank had hit the first of what one expects to be many doubles to follow.

“The Student”, ready for his next exam.

Frank is not yet a seasoned player, and his journey to reach his full potential in Tapey Beercone is not yet complete. He remains, “The Student”. But based on his rapid improvements during his first series, only a fool would doubt Frank’s chances.

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