Starting like 15ish minutes before AP History

Much like the creation of fire or the invention of the frost-brewed lining, no one remembers exactly when or how the first game of Piney Pinecone took shape. Nor can anyone pinpoint the moment where improvised pinecone baseball evolved into the spiritual progenitor of our great game. What is certain is that nearly all the basic underpinnings of our game, the Runs / Outs limit, the 4 foul ball strikeout, the testicle amendment, and the Grand Salami, were created atop a little hill in the courtyard of a tiny high school in Garden Valley, California. Jim Siemens Field at AP History Park provided the perfect laboratory for the development of our game, and as such, can also be considered the birthplace of our great nation.

We seven, the Regents and Founders of Tapey Beercone, were not alone in this endeavor and were chiefly accompanied by Bo, Adam, Nathan (Natasha), Stephen, and the late Ray Pickell, who all contributed greatly to the development of our game. There was a set of rules, hand written on college ruled loose leaf paper, which recorded the game we built and were inserted into the pages of an AP History textbook upon our departure. What became of those rules? We will never know. It is very likely that some jackass threw them away, but the game we built endures, grows, and unites the Buckos Nation into the last remaining Superpower and the model of just government we are today.

Piney Pinecone endured for years after leaving Jim Siemens Field. The rules, in our minds, were complete. They had been committed to memory by Kelly and Eric, and the game lived on as a pastime for camping trips and gatherings, but as the Byrds sang “for everything, there is a season…” and a new season was on the rise.

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