Origin Story

A fortuitous lacking of pinecones

We found ourselves at The Ranch in January of 2009. The sky was clear, the ground was frozen, and we were drunk. Kelly and Richard had spoken highly of Gordon Field, a field designed for wiffleball, just across Chamise Creek.

The Frozen Tundra of Gordon Field

After a rough day of pig hunting, we seven all headed across the creek to play a game of Piney Pinecone. What we found was a fantastic Piney Pinecone field, completely bare of usable pinecones. Not to be discouraged, Eric and Ryan, with Chris in tow, set out to find a ball and bat while Kelly, Brian, Boyd and Richard prepped the field. No ball or pinecone could be found, but Eric, Ryan, and Chris returned with a roll of duct tape and an axe handle.

The Original Beercone

After brief bickering on how to build a ball, Eric and Ryan crushed three beer cans and bound them together with duct tape. The field was ready, ground rules were set, the first Beercone was built, and teams were chosen. Tapey Beercone was born.

Game On!

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