Player Profile – #16 – Richard “The Reverend”

Richard is one of the founding Regents of Tapey Beercone. The elder statesman of the Bucko’s Nation, Richard serves as the Arbiter of Tapey Beercone. Richard came to Tapey Beercone with no experience in the defunct APPAA, but with a lifetime of sports knowledge and proven inherited genetic athleticism. Nicknamed “The Reverend,” Richard is the only player in the game’s history to have a nickname originating fully outside the game. He gained this moniker through serving as the officiant of weddings in the Bucko’s Nation.

“The Reverend” manning his usual position.

“The Reverend” is best known as the game’s most prolific pitcher having pitched more innings than any other player. Richard has turned that experience into a practiced repertoire of different pitches. More than any other player, “The Reverend” is a multi-tool pitcher able to command movement in the beercone with accuracy and speed. Richard is also a skilled fielder, best able to showcase his talents in the outfield where twitch movement is less crucial. Underestimate his ability to track down hits in the air and his impressive arm strength at your own hazard.

Richard’s offensive abilities have shown marked improvement over the years, largely due to an adjustment in grip technique applied mid-game at The Ranch upon suggestions from “The Coach”. Prior to that adjustment, Richard had been a consistent ground ball hitter, but that slight alteration realized his full potential as a power hitter. Factor in his composure and discipline in the batter’s box and you will get a picture of “The Reverend” as a batter. He is a consistent and disciplined hitter who rarely strikes out.

“The Reverend” taking a big cut.

The Reverend tops off his impressive resume as a player with an uncommonly high alcohol tolerance. Richard possesses the 2nd highest career BPI of seasoned players and is a member of the 200 beers club. Despite his high rate of consumption, Richard rarely sees a decline in performance in the course of a game. One such occasion when he succumbed to the stupor was in the Second Annual Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational when, facing down a massive resurgence from the opposing team, “The Reverend” took exception to being removed as pitcher. This indignation resulted in his secession, founding his own team in the middle of the bottom of a crucial 6th inning. After failing to retrieve a routine grounder at 2nd base and allowing that failure to become a grand slam, he was coronated Beerpope Reverend I.

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