CCC TBC Rotisserie League Update & Mid Season Beerpope Trade Window

In any fantasy sports draft mistakes are made. The same was certainly true in the Chris Curtis Commemorative Tapey Beercone Rotisserie League. Knowing this, the crafters of the league provided an out. The mid-season Beerpope Trade Window! Between New Years Day and Beer Pope Day Weekend each team would have the opportunity to swap up to one rostered player for a free agent, or two teams could agree to swap players.

With the ending of the decade, the window is here, and with updates from the most recent game the waiver order can be determined by reversing the current standing. Those standings are shown below: Continue reading “CCC TBC Rotisserie League Update & Mid Season Beerpope Trade Window”

Buckos Nation After Action Report

On Beerpope Weekend 2019 the Buckos Nation engaged in prolonged hostilities with a flock of big mean turkeys. This is that story.

Initial Contact:
Arriving early Friday afternoon, Hammer and Coach established a beachhead and command center for the weekend’s coming exercise. Contact was established with the locals, Park Ranger “Steely” Dan Gato, and the Nice lady who ran the store. Seeing as the park was left completely unprotected and was likely to fall to communism at any second, the two commissioners took it upon themselves to offer the protection of the mighty Buckos Nation. Continue reading “Buckos Nation After Action Report”