CCC TBC Rotisserie League Season 7 Kick Off and Post Chris-Mass Update

Chris-Mass came early this year!

Indeed, the Chris-Mass Classic, normally held in December, took place on November 5th this year, and with it came the gift of a much anticipated Season 7 CCC TBC Rotisserie League reveal!
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Breaking: Secrets Revealed on How Tapey Beercone Ended MLB’s Lockout

On the eve of Major League Baseball’s Open Day, following a lengthy Lockout this winter, new revelations have come to light on how the lockout ended. During an April Fools Day news conference held at New Gordon Field, Tapey Beercone Commissions Kelly “The Coach” and Eric “The Hammer” revealed the unprecedented steps they took to assist, and potentially save America’s Pastime.
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Introducing Total Buckos Sports Betting!

For years the Buckos Nation has been a safe haven for drinking, smoking, and the other great vices of the world. Often this includes gambling, but never has gambling been combined with the Nation’s pastime, the Sport of Kings. That changed today when, during an April Fools Day news conference, Co-Commissioner Eric “The Hammer” announced a new venture, Total Buckos Sports Betting!
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BREAKING NEWS!! – Two Beerpopes Coronated in Historic First!

During a rare three game Tapey Beercone series held at The Ranch to commemorate Beerpope Day, history was made made when not one, but two Beerpopes where coronated during the weekend!
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Photos from the 2020 New Year’s Eve Lotus Game

For the third year in a row, the Lotus League gathered for a Tapey Beercone game held on New Year’s Eve at Lotus Park. On a beautiful, sunny December day, an exciting, 6 inning game took place. The game included skillful play, foolish follies, and the miraculous coronation of a new Beerpope.

Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.
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Stat Chug: Can Season 6’s Exceptional Start Hold Up?

Stat Chug: A specially brewed stats based draft.

Season 6’s Exceptional Start: Can the powerful offensive start of this season hold up?

Runs come easy in Table Beercone compared to other base and ball sports. Whereas the MLB average is roughly one half run per inning, the Tapey Beercone average is over two! And yet the way those runs score in TBC runs contrary to the MLB trend. In MLB nearly one half of all runs score by way on a home run, whereas in TBC home runs are so rare that there are only a handful hit each season. It is this stat that exemplifies how the three games of Season 6 stand out so far, perfectly captures by Frank “The Student”‘s second at bat in the most recent Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational.
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News: The Oregon Invitation Goes on the Road, Discovers New Beerpope

This season,for a change of pace, the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational was moved up to Labor Day Weekend and taken on the road. Instead of being played local venue in the Willamette Valley, the game was held in extreme southern Oregon at Pastoral Nest. But these changes didn’t hinder the competition, as the usual combination of exciting play, plentiful drinking, and off-field hilarity were all readily on display.
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Introducing the Tapey Beercone Kumite

Tapey Beercone comes in many forms. In the standard version of play, the game revolves around two somewhat evenly composed teams. Then there are variants, such as the three player version known as Icelandic Rules, or the four team round robin format used for the Tapey Beercone Open. In all these versions of play, the players are organized into teams. But what if there was a completely different way to play? A variant to the rules that set each player apart? and pit them all again each other in an dynamic battle royale gauntlet? Enter: The Tapey Beercone Kumite!
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MLB Free Agents Keuchel and Kimbrel Choose Tapey Beercone

For months baseball fans have speculated as to where All-Star free agents Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel would play in 2019. Those questions where finally answered Monday when both players announced, during an April Fools Day press conference, that they would be taking their talents to Tapey Beercone.
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7 for 7: It Started With a Pinecone

Series One of 7 for 7 comes to its conclusion with the Nation’s Origin Story

It Started with a Pinecone, Every nation has their Legends. This is Our’s

In the beginning, lunch was long and boring. The spirit of competition lay dormant in the hearts of those who ached for sport. Neither soccer balls, nor idle conversation would sate them. Then the spark. Swinging a fallen branch as a bat. Someone pitched a pinecone. A hit, a hastily designed field, and the game was born. It was an age of discovery. Crush the pinecone to curb excessive pineyness, and find a place to hide the bat. An age of invention. The Grand Salami, the split ball double, and the testicle amendment. Discovery and invention created sport and fanned the flames of friendship.
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