Photos from The Ranch, Labor Day 2018

During a Labor Day Weekend work trip to The Ranch, two exciting and combative games of Tapey Beercone were held at Sun-Scorched New Gordon Field. The games pitted Team Reverend Coach against Team Dragon Rocket Hammer. These games will likely close the book on games played at the Ranch during Season 5.

Below you can view photos from the album or head directly to the album.

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Stat Chug: There is No Such Thing as an “Average” Tapey Beercone Batter

Stat Chug: A specially brewed stats based draft.

There is No Such Thing as an “Average” Tapey Beercone Batter: How the uniqueness of the Tapey Beercone player base means no one is average.

Tapey Beercone has been chugging along for nearly 10 years now, and for the majority of that time detailed statistics have been kept on the games that have been played and the players that have played in them. In total, over two thousand individual plate appearances have been logged, and from those a clear and stable image has been deduced as to what average batting looks like in the sport of Tapey Beercone.

    An Average Batter:

  • Has a batting average just north of .600.
  • Reaches base safely about two-thirds of the time
  • Slugs somewhere just south of .800.
  • Drinks at a rate of about seven beers per six inning game.

There’s only one problem: There isn’t a player in the annals of Tapey Beercone that fits this description.
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Buckos Bulletins: Beer Pope Day 2018

With Beer Pope Day 2018 approaching, plans were formulated for a gathering at The Ranch, the hallowed birthplace of Tapey Beercone. At first it seemed like we would have just a small group, but as the big weekend approached, it became clear that a significant gathering would occur. Joining 5 regents (“The Hammer”, “The Coach”, “The Dragon”, “The Reverend”, and “The Rocket”) and an experienced and valued member of the Tapey Beercone Beercongress, (“The Stud”) would be season 5 rookie Frank Lenney. As a rookie, Frank joined the beer congress lacking in experience, but also lacking in a nickname.
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