“The Beach is Gone” Wash

The narrow view from home plate.

“The Beach is Gone” Wash is the first Tapey Beercone field located in the state of Arizona, and was created during the Buckos’ Season 5 trip to Spring Training in Phoenix. It was not the first choice for where to locate a field for that trip, and it owes its name to this twist of fate.

The intended location for the field was on the shores of nearby Bartlett Reservoir. But after a rainy winter the reservoir was full, and as “The Professor” would so eloquently put it, “The Beach is Gone!” So instead the Buckos turned to the Camp Creek Wash.

The view from left field.

The field they founded was one of the more narrow in the sport’s annuls. And it was narrower even than it seemed foul line to foul line as large shrubs near both 1st and 3rd bases extended into the playing field ready to knock down any ball hit too close to the line. The infield, left field, and most of center field were all covered by flat, sandy wash surface, but right field sat a couple feet higher on a gravel bar.

Scattered across the intermediate and deep outfield were multiple scrub bushes, and a unique and innovative setup was constructed for how to handle them from a rules standpoint. The closest set of bushes to all fields were considered ground ball zones, any ball hit or rolled into these bushes could be called a ground rule double. But past that, any ball hit over to any bush further out was fair game for home runs and fielders would not be able to call ground rule doubles on those hits.

Field Name
"The Beach is Gone" Wash
LocationTonto National Forest
Elevation2,630 ft
Play Area Angle55°
Grand Salami ZoneLand in Cicle of Rocks
Grand Salamis HitNone
Infield SurfaceCompact Sand
Outfield SurfaceCompact Gravel
Outfield ObstaclesA number of large desert shrubs and steep undulations in the wash
Beer Pope CoronationsNone
Inception Date3/11/2017
Total Regents to Play at the Field3
Largest CrowdA Handful of Off-Roaders - 3/11/2017

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