The Brown’s Tapey Beercone Beercomplex

The Brown’s Tapey Beercone Beercomplex hosts two storied Tapey Beercone fields. Both fields are situated in the front lawn of the Brown’s Family homestead, and both fields offer space for exciting play and unique features. The field’s are situated close enough together that they slightly overlap, and a ball hit to dead right field from the second field, may end up interfering with play at the first field.

Brown’s Downs

Brown’s Downs has created as the host site for the Brown’s Wedding game. The field is flat and wide, but with many obstacles. The first base boundary was lined with evergreen greens and one of these was used as the base. Second base was also a tree, this one right in the middle of the field, a major obstacle for the defense. The outfield was full of obstacles too, with trees in left field and center, a well house which acted as a grand salami zone. A long picket fence in right field, which was too close to home to act as a home run line, would instead act as the boundary for a ground rule double zone.

Brown’s Downs II

Brown’s Down II was created as an improved and expanded version of the original field. It was one of the first field to have it’s grounds designed in advance of a game, and it was the first field to have groomed and manicured turf. At Brown’s Down II, the pasture grass surface was trimmed at three distinct levels: The infield and shallow outfield has very tightly groomed grass, the middle outfield has a rough cut grass, while the deep outfield has long pasture grass which was not trimmed at all. Anyone who could hit the ball far enough stood a great chase at rounding for a home run given the difficultly in fielding a ball in the deep thicket. The field was more wide open than the original, with no infield obstacles save the third base tree, but with a number of trees in the outfield.

Field Name
Brown's Downs
Brown's Downs II
LocationThe Brown's HomesteadThe Brown's Homestead
CountyEl DoradoEl Dorado
Elevation1,161 ft1,158 ft
Play Area Angle75°90°
Grand Salami ZoneLand on Wall House Roof.Land in Tree.
Grand Salamis HitNoneNone
Infield SurfaceGrass LawnMuddy Grassy Pasture
Outfield SurfaceUneven Grassy PastureUneven Grassy Pasture
Outfield ObstaclesA Few Trees, Well House, and Fence Line in Right Field.A Few Trees
Beer Pope CoronationsPope Rooster II - 5/31/2015None
Inception Date5/31/20154/9/2016
Total Regents to Play at the Field57
Largest CrowdA Handful of Hungover Wedding Guests - 5/31/2015A Few Angry Neighbors - 4/9/2016

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