Pastoral Nest

When the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational went on the road in Season 6, it found its home in Southern Oregon at Pastoral Nest. Nestled among the oak trees in the backyard of a VRBO, the field provided would serve as an ideal venue for exciting Tapey Beercone play, with one exception. During field layout and construction the grounds where found to be invested by Yellow Jackets, with the original location for home plate within swinging distance of a below ground nest! Not to be deterred, the Buckos improvised, rotating the field layout to place the nest in the deep left outfield where it both served as a ground rule danger zone and an extra dangerous Grand Salami Zone should a batter knock the beer cone within one pace of the nest itself.

The view from 3rd.

The tight confines among the oaks meant the field was narrow by the Tapey Beercone standards of the day. The outstretching Oak branches and the hard, dry ground surface were the embodiment of a fielder’s nightmare, leading to maybe ricocheted hits and misplayed bounces. Likewise, the cross-sloped infield and uneven terrain made the field a menace for runners as well, and the field has already accumulated a highlight real of runner bloopers. All of these characteristics were encompassed by a scenic rural landscape to create a unique whole, a field that easily fits among the showcase Tapey Beercone locales

Field Name
Pastoral Nest
LocationRogue River Valley
Elevation1867 ft
Play Area Angle50°
Grand Salami ZoneYellow Jacket Nest
Grand Salamis HitNone
Infield SurfaceHard Dry Meadow Grass
Outfield SurfaceHard Dry Meadow Grass with Lawn in Right Field
Outfield ObstaclesDense Oak Trees
Beer Pope CoronationsPope Elsynor I - 8/31/2019
Inception Date8/31/2019
Total Regents to Play at the Field3
Largest CrowdA few random passersby and a confused neighbor.

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