The Ranch Tapey Beercone Beercomplex

The Ranch is the location of the sport’s birth, and remain’s it’s true home. Currently The Ranch Tapey Beercone Beercomplex contains two adjacent Tapey Beercone fields, the original Gordon Field and New Gordon Field.

Gordon Field

A view from second base of the “Frozen Tundra” of Gordon Field

The game began at Gordon Field which prior to that date had seen only the occasional wiffle ball game take place on its premises. Then, upon it’s frozen tundra in the Winter of 2009 the sport was born out of drunken ingenuity.

Gordon Field features a distinct “Green Monster” of evergreen trees in left field, juxtaposed by a rugged wash of bare river bed in right. To fit into the tight confines the angle between foul lines is narrowed to significantly less than a right angle.

The grounds still echo with the excitement from games long past. But as time marches on so do the workings of the earth. The slow attrition of geology has manifested itself on Gordon Field by gradually eroding away portions of right field, to the point that eventually first base had to be moved off the foul line to allow for both a flat run to first while keeping the total area of outfield wide enough for play.

Field Name
Gordon Field
LocationThe Ranch
Elevation1,305 ft
Play Area Angle45°
Grand Salami ZoneLand in Tree.
Grand Salamis HitNone (Multiple Robbed Grand Salamis)
Infield SurfaceCompacted Riverbed Rock
Outfield SurfaceLoose Riverbed Rock
Outfield ObstaclesLeft Field - The Green Monster
Beer Pope CoronationsPope Eric - 1/18/2009
Inception Date1/16/2009
Total Regents to Play at the Field7
Largest CrowdNot a Soul - 1/16/2009

New Gordon Field

A view from near home plate of the New Gordon Field with the “New Green Monster” looming in center field.

To make room for an expanding game, New Gordon Field was constructed and first played on in 2015. The field features a wider 75 degree play area with a ground rule Green Monster of its own in center field, a high slope leading to a home run drop off in right, and a long outstretching play area in left. The field plays significantly different throughout the year. In the winter it plays as muddy and slippery “Treacherous Sun Wet New Gordon Field”. Where as in the summer it plays as dry and hard “Sun Scorched New Gordon Field”.

Compared to the the original Gordon Field, New Gordon Field, being significantly larger and wider, allows for play with many more participants and allows much freer movement of fielders around the play area.

Field Name
Sun-Wet New Gordon Field
Sun Scorched New Gordon Field
LocationThe RanchThe Ranch
Elevation1,309 ft1,309 ft
Play Area Angle75°75°
Grand Salami ZoneLand in Tree.Land in Tree.
Grand Salamis HitNoneNone
Infield SurfaceMuddy MeadowDry Meadow
Outfield SurfaceGrassy MeadowGrassy Meadow
Outfield ObstaclesLeft Field - Downed Tree Limbs, Centerfield - The New Green Monster, Right Field - Sloped BankLeft Field - Downed Tree Limbs, Centerfield - The New Green Monster, Right Field - Sloped Bank
Beer Pope CoronationsPope Reverend II "The Reluctant" - 1/15/2021, Pope Rooster IV "The Berzerker" - 1/16/2021Pope Rooster III - 6/2/2018
Inception Date1/1/20159/3/2016
Total Regents to Play at the Field46
Largest CrowdNot a Soul - 1/1/2015Not a Soul - 9/3/2016

With the success of New Gordon Field, The Ranch Tapey Beercone Beercomplex was born. While neither field is perfect, together they can provide for an ideal Tapey Beercone game no matter the season.

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