The Stove Top

The Stove Top was a Season 4 field situated in a flat open meadow overlooking Shasta Lake. The infield was situated within the shadows of multiple large line trees while in the outfield the meadow opening allowed the sun to beam down from behind home plate and fry any fielders who dared position themselves out there. Hence the field’s name.

Unlike most fields, The Stove Top used base backstops not just for home plate but for first and third bases as well. In each case a large pine tree served as the backstop behind a much smaller base. The field was open overall, but did tighten down the foul lines, with a wall of trees in right field allowing the possibility for a home run, and a grove of trees in left which could easily allow multiple bases should a fielder lose the ball.

Field Name
The Stove Top
LocationShasta Lake
Elevation1,085 ft
Play Area Angle65°
Grand Salami ZoneLand in marked out circle.
Grand Salamis HitNone
Infield SurfaceCompacted Gravel
Outfield SurfaceCompacted Gravel
Outfield ObstaclesHeavy Brushed Areas in Extreme Left and Right Fields.
Beer Pope CoronationsNone
Inception Date8/20/2016
Total Regents to Play at the Field3
Largest CrowdDozens of Passing travelers and one cooler thieving hobo - 8/20/2016

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