From the Annals: How many Players does it Take to Play?

How many players are needed to play a game of Tapey Beercone?

One might guess four, two teams with two players each. Said guesser would be flat wrong.

The Tapey Beercone rules make no statements as to the number of teams allowed in a game, nor number of players required to form a team. On multiple occasions games have been played with three players, each representing their own team. In these three player games, players cycle through batting in a Top, Middle, and Bottom of each inning.

Each batter takes every at bat for his “team” and all runners on base are represented by ghost runners. On defense, both other “teams” share the field and alternate between pitching and fielding.

Games can get even smaller still. On at least one occasion, a two player game was played, with players alternating batter and pitcher between half innings, and all batted balls not fielded by the pitcher determined to be hits or outs made by ghost fielders based on the quality of the batted beercone.

This leaves only one question: How and when will the first one player game be played?

Author: The Coach

#8 The Coach, founding Regent of Tapey Beercone.

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