Tapey Beercone Season Suspended Indefinately Due to Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic

Today, April 1st, 2020, the Commissioner’s Office of Tapey Beercone announced the immediate and indefinite suspension of the 6th Season of Tapey Beercone due to the growing impacts of the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic. While there are as yet no confirmed cases within the Buckos Nation, the Commissioner’s could not guarantee the safety of the player’s leading to this drastic measure.

This move follows yesterday’s announcement that the border’s of the Buckos Nation would be closed to all travelers and all trade with the exception of imports of Coors Light from Colorado and Bacchus-D from South Korea. Co-Commission Kelly “The Coach” explained, “The Buckos Nation Strategic Bacchus-D Reserve is currently well stocked, so we do not foresee any supply chain disruptions or need for rationing at this time.”

Questions remain as to when the Sport may reopen. Stated Co-Commissioner Eric “The Hammer”, “while there is currently no timetable for a return to play, we expect that once the rest of the world gets their shit together we can have games again. We expect to hold Cascade League games later this spring.”

Expect more news to follow on this ongoing story.

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