Player Profile – Scott “The Cactus”

Scott began his Tapey Beercone career by being tossed straight on the grill. Having accepted his invitation to the original running of the Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational he was paired with “The Hammer” on a two man team. “The Hammer” decided that his team’s best defensive option was to stick the beercone to “The Cactus” and have him pitch. It did not go well.

“The Cactus” planted at first base.

“The Cactus” owes his byname to attributes outside the sport, but it fits him aptly in the sport as well. Much like a barrel cactus, Scott is tall, large, prone to staying in one place, and should be approached with caution. It was with knowledge of these attributes in mind that “The Hammer” elected to have Scott pitch. Over his two plus innings on the mound he was on pins and needles, never able to consistently find the strike zone consistently. Instead nearly half the batters he faced evaded his prickly throws and took a cautious walk to first. While he managed to uproot himself and perform admirably as a fielding pitcher, it wasn’t nearly enough to stem the flash flood of run scoring.

“The Cactus” slashes a hit into the deep bush.

Stung by defeat, rubbing aloe on his wounds, Scott was determined to stick with it. Participating in the Winter Classic later that season, he was more on point. Making up for a 6 for 18 performance in his first game, “The Cactus” would poke his way to a .500 average for the event. During the next season, at the Wedding Double-header, he would further branch out becoming an even better hitting as part of a brotherly trio of batters in the heart of his team’s batting order.

Scott, with limbs outstretched.

Scott hasn’t played since that time, instead “The Cactus” has deserted the sport to pursue growth opportunities in Southern California. This leaves the rest of the sport to wait until Scott one day returns, and we all can see what kind of player he has blossomed into.

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