Player Profile – #10 – Aidan “The Gambler”

Aidan “The Gambler” was the Season 5 and current consensus top prospect of the Cascade League. He has played in many Cascade League and Exhibition matches. Aidan possesses Spiderman like agility and reflexes, making him the game’s first actual useful infielder. He also is strong of bat and exhibits excellent plate discipline. By putting these skills to work he was named the MVP of the 2019 Tapey Beercone Open

#10 Aidan admiring a well struck hit during the 2019 TBC Open.

He drink’s with the abandon of a young man who has not yet scrambled back up after hitting rock bottom. Be on the lookout for Aidan to appear in League games in the very near future.

And the exploits of “The Gambler” continue. In 2020 Aidan added the Kumite Championship belt to his trophy case, and ended the day as the winning captain during the Oregon Invitational – Pandemic Edition main event. Only one last hurdle stands before him, Buckos league greatness. Expect that soon!

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