From The Annals: Barnstorming

Tapey Beercone was created in a fit of intoxicated inspiration among a group of friends know collectively as the Buckos, who now preside as the governing Regents of the Sport. These events took place on one of many “Buckos Trips”, epic excursions taken by our group or a portion of it. And so it would followed, as the Annals of Tapey Beercone unfolded all the games took place on these storied Buckos Trips. And at the same time the sport developed, adding written rules, traditions, and statistics, all taking place on Buckos Trips. But eventually this wasn’t the case, and the question became as to how to handle these games?

This first such game occurred in the spring of 2014, late into Season 3, when a group of us Buckos all found ourselves near our childhood home in the Northern California Divide and decided to play a game of the Sport of Kings. While not a Buckos Trip proper, five of the six players attending that game were Buckos, and the game was treated no different. But it did spring a larger discussion, what were the limits at which we might treat things differently? In particular when it came to recording Stats and logging games in the Annals. No clear decisions was made then, but a basic framework held that at least three Buckos (founding Regents) should be present for a game to be considered a “league” game and logged in the Annals with Stats.

‘Lectric Acres, the site of the second Barnstorming Game.

Less than a year later this situation presented itself, when a game was held in Oregon with just two Buckos present. This game became the first of a number of non-league exhibitions held in Oregon over the next two years. But with all of Tapey Beercone history being an ameatur exhibitions, these games would need a different name. Instead they have been coined, the Barnstorming Games. ( it helps that most of these game took place at ‘Lectric Arces with an actual barn onsite.) The first took place in Salem, the second is McLeay, and both these game were played by a small group of players as is typical of Tapey Beercone.

Just a portion of the large group of players present for the “Double-Header”.

The third and fourth games, played as the sports first “Double Header“, were played with a massive group of players. It was for that reason that even though four Regents were present the game was included with the other barnstorming games.

Over the course of these four games many new players played, and only four players participated in every game: Regents Eric “The Hammer” and myself, as well as Buckettes Lee Ann “Decibelle” and Kasey “The Pants”. Through the four games it was Kasey “The Pants” who emerged as the winning-est player, accruing a 3-1 win-loss record over the series of events.

Kasey swatting a grounder during the Double-Header.

Since that time the sport has emerged further. A burgeoning franchise league has been developed in Oregon for non-Regent play, and major events such as the Tapey Beercone Open Game have sustained exhibition play. So since the ending of the Double-Header game, no additional independent barnstorming games have been played. Whether these game were just a blip , a touchstone in the Sport’s annals, or whether more will follow remains to be seen. For now, all these games are now included in a new section of the Annals.

Author: The Coach

#8 The Coach, founding Regent of Tapey Beercone.

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