Player Profile – Derek “The Rainbow Warrior”

Derek is a veteran of Tapey Beercone who first began playing the sport at the Great Basin Series in the second half of Season 3. Derek came to Tapey Beercone with no experience playing baseball, softball, or any other bat and ball sport. Due this lack of experience, he struggled mightily to make any contact as a batter. Instead like others in a similar situation, he became extremely selective at the plate and tried to draw as many walks as possible. Derek did seem to have a knack for getting in the head of opposing pitchers, and seemingly making them throw him balls even when the pitchers knew Derek was unlikely to swing. Still he struck out way to often to be a useful player on a winning team.

Derek in his first game still finding his swing.

It was during his second contest that Derek, with the help of his manager “The Hammer”, took a major step forward in becoming a more competent offensive player. The breakthrough come by considering that while Derek had no baseball experience, he did have years of experience as a tennis player. The key was to find a way for Derek to feel comfortable swinging the bat as if it were a tennis racket, and the inspiration for this was “The Rocket”‘s one-handed swing. Derek would hold his bat one-handed with his arm outstretched and swing it similar to a tennis player’s forehand swing.

Always disciplined, Derek glares disapprovingly at this pitch outside the zone.

With this new swinging method in place, Derek found a way to make consistent contact. He would still swing and miss often, as this forehand swing was slow and long, but he at least hit the ball enough that pitchers had to pay attention and couldn’t just focus on getting the ball over the plate. And the results were positive, Derek saw big improvements as an offensive player and he contributed to his team winning the two final game’s of the Great Basin Series.

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