Player Profile – Pete “The Wildcat”

Pete “The Wildcat” was a Season 4 rookie to Tapey Beercone who began his playing time as part of the R Cascade Minor Tapey Beercone League. Pete burst on the scene during his first Cascade League game by nearly throwing a complete game shutout. Blanking his opponents through the entire game before finally yielding runs in the last inning. Coupled with an excellent performance at the plate, Pete left the Cascade League as the consensus top prospect, destined for greatness in Buckos League Tapey Beercone play.

Pete in his post delivery pose.

Known for working the upper edges of the strike zone, Pete delivers the beercone with a distinct bowling motion with ends in an abrupt ballerina like pose. After starting his delivery by stepping on the mound and swing his arm down and towards the plate, he releases the beercone whilst continue his swing motion up into the air, all the while stopping his body’s forward motion and balancing on the mound with his right leg outstretched behind him. This motion adds arc to the beercone, and while this move slows down the pitch, coupled with backspin the batter is faced with a rapidly dropping ball which is difficult to square up. Beyond the delivery, Pete’s pitching game is based mainly around his excellent fielding ability from the position, for he earned his moniker “The Wildcat” from ferocious displays of athletic ability, diving and leaping for batted balls, and making acrobatic throws to put runners out at first base. Many a batter would knock a groundball away from the mound feeling safe that it wouldn’t be fielding, only to watch forlornly as Pete would make a diving stop to secure the ball before flipping around and contorting his body to make an insane throw from his knees on target for the out.

“The Wildcat” in peak form nailing a runner at 1st base.

After a successful run in the Cascade League, Pete finally appeared in a Buckos game at the tail end of season 4 at The 3nd Annual Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational. There his top prospect pedigree was put to the test. His pitching proved to be legitimate, and while he was touched up early, we showed to have average or better peripherals and ended his first stint of pitching in Buckos League with a better than average ERA. Unfortunately he was still knocked around enough that we was pulled for a reliever and ended up taking the loss.

But beyond his pitching performance his play could not live up to the hype. He was exposed at the plate, lacking the discipline necessary to lay off bad pitches Pete too often let the defense off easy with marginally struck balls pounded into the turf instead of waiting for a pitch he could drive. And after being pull from the pitching position, Pete looked lost in the outfield, and failed to exhibit the same fierce defensive abilities he so often displayed in the infield. But no act exemplified Pete’s rawness as a rookie prospect more than his poor decision making on the base paths where he cost his team their remaining chances at victory by getting caught attempting to steal third for the last out of the game.

Pope Wildcat I

But to the extent that Pete’s first taste of Buckos Tapey Beercone put a cloud over his top prospect medal, it did have a very shiny silver lining. For on that fateful day, the Beer Gods were very pleased with Pete. Making Their pleasure known to all who were there to witness it, Pete became Beerpope Wildcat I. His legend now secure, and with his rookie season behind him, Pete now looks to build on his experience. He already represents a talented player in many ways. An adept pitcher with immense fielding ability, and a competent batter who with refinement could become a force. The jury is still out on what Pete will become, but few would write off his chances to fulfill the MVP promises of his top prospect past.

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