The Hell Hole Rubicon Tapey Beercone Beercomplex

The Hell Hole Tapey Beercone Beercomplex was founded in 2013 and was the location for the inaugural series of Season 3. Both facilities at the complex are located on the lake bed of Upper Hell Hole Reservoir. This makes the play fields inaccessible during all but the summer and fall of dry years when the lake waters recede to the point that the Upper Lake is no longer flooded.

Hell Hole Graveyard

The first of the two facilities at the field, Hell Hole Graveyard is located on a rocky flat surrounded by a rocky ridge in the east behind center field and the Rubicon River to the west. Spread out across the flat were the preserved stumps which were the only remaining evidence of the forest which was once present on the grounds before the reservoir was built.

Hell Hole Graveyard was a wide open field, played on a wide angle with a rocky ridge which would limit only the deepest hit balls. A large boulder in center field was used as the Grand Salami Zone.

White Rock Greens

White Rock Greens was positioned further up Upper Hell Hole Reservoir in a low lying depression which was once a lush meadow. The field was dominated by a large white rocky escarpment which jutted up from the field’s floor. This cliff face was utilized as the Grand Salami Zone where a lucky hit would gain you a Grand Salami if it landed in a particularly large crevasse in the rock face.

White Rock Greens was a tighter field compared to the Graveyard, with a narrower field angle and a more limiting outfield with a much greater potential for well hit balls to land in a hazard zone or hit off the rock face.

Field Name
Hell Hole Graveyard
White Rock Greens
LocationThe RubiconThe Rubicon
Elevation4,555 ft4,560 ft
Play Area Angle90°70°
Grand Salami ZoneLand on a Rock.Land in a Crack in the Rock Wall.
Grand Salamis HitNoneNone
Infield SurfaceCompact Lakebed SandSoggy Lakebed Sand
Outfield SurfaceRocky LakebedCompact Lakebed Sand
Outfield ObstaclesTall Rock Wall in the Deep OutfieldTall Rock Wall in Center Field with Rocky Debris in Deep Left and Right Field.
Beer Pope CoronationsPope Rooster I - 7/19/2013None
Inception Date7/18/20137/20/2013
Total Regents to Play at the Field66
Largest CrowdA group of nearby boaters - 7/19/2013A Couple Off-Roaders - 7/20/2013

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