TBS Bet – Season 7 Cold One Drinking Champion



Place your bet for who will be named the Season 7 Cold One Most Outstanding Drinker award.

Current Odds:

  1. Geoff “The Rookie” (Defending Champion) – 2:1
  2. Boyd “The Rocket” – 2:1
  3. Eric “The Hammer” – 4:1
  4. Jim “The Colonel” – 4:1
  5. Richard “The Reverend” 5:1
  6. Gordon “L337 H4x” – 6:1
  7. Frank “The Student” – 6:1
  8. Gerry “The Stud” – 8:1
  9. Kelly “The Coach” – 10:1
  10. Chris “The Rooster” – 100:1
  11. The Field (All remaining contestants not listed above) – 6:1

Rules: Each bet placed is a $5 wager which will pay at the odds ratio listed for each choice should the bet resolve to the chosen option. Any other bet resolution will result in no payout. This bet shall resolve to the chosen player in the event that the chosen player is declared the winner of the Season 7 Cold One Most Outstanding Drinker Award, regardless of when or by what method that declaration is made. Should any winner be declared other than the 10 options named above, the bet shall resolve to The Field.
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