Hitachi Bowl

The view from the plate at Hitachi Bowl.

Hitachi Bowl was constructed in Season 4 of Tapey Beercone, but it has the look and character of a vintage play field which would fit right in with the sport’s beginnings. Tucked within the tight confines of a vacant rock quarry the park has a very narrow play field, with high walls bounding left and right fields, and hazardous boulders strewn across the outfield. The field owes it’s name to the Hitachi Excavator that was parked behind home plate.

Hitachi Bowl’s namesake.

The mined quarry walls in left and right fields made just about any line drive hit down either foul line nearly an automatic hit. There were so many boulders sprinkled in shallow left field that fielding that area of the field at all was a hazard to one’s health. Add this all up and Hitachi Bowl played as a very offense friendly field

Field Name
Hitachi Bowl
LocationThe Sandy River
Elevation1,123 ft
Play Area Angle55°
Grand Salami Zone
Grand Salamis HitNone
Infield SurfaceWet Compacted Gravel
Outfield SurfaceCompacted Gravel
Outfield ObstaclesSteep Quarry Walls in Extreme Left and Right Field, many Hazardous Boulders, and Aggregate Piles.
Beer Pope CoronationsNone
Inception Date5/16/2015
Total Regents to Play at the Field4
Largest CrowdOne Unmanned Hitachi EX270LC Excavator - 5/16/2015

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