Mad River Cathedral

Tucked away in a campground on the shores of Ruth Lake on the Mad River in Northern California, Mad River Cathedral is a tight quarters field with a very unique outfield. A dry creek ran across the entire outfield and was used as the Grand Salami Zone. Beyond the creek the outfield sloped up to the road above.

The Grand Salami Zone was close enough to home that it became a very manageable target, many players hit balls over the creek. And one, Chris, was able to land a beercone in the creek for the game’s first Grand Salami.

Field Name
Mad River Cathedral
LocationRuth Lake
Elevation2,705 ft
Play Area Angle45°
Grand Salami ZoneLand on the Fly into Gravel Ditch.
Grand Salamis Hit6/14/2011 - "The Dragon" - 36 Paces
Infield SurfaceUneven Grassy Ground
Outfield SurfaceUneven Grassy Ground
Outfield ObstaclesMultiple Deciduous Trees
Beer Pope CoronationsNone
Inception Date6/14/2011
Total Regents to Play at the Field3
Largest CrowdOverheard by a handful of nearby campers - 6/14/2011

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