Player Profile – #9 – Lee Ann “Decibelle”

Lee Ann has been a Tapey Beercone player since the Season 3 Quake at the Lake event, and she has played frequently since then. Lee Ann is a member of the “Buckettes”, a companion organization to the Buckos, composed of the wives and girl friends of the Buckos themselves. Lee Ann has played in many exciting Tapey Beercone events, including the Winter Classic, the Tapey Beercone Open Game, every running of the Oregon Invitational, and the Great Basin Series. She was a member of the Buckettes walk-off during the 2nd Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitational when Lee Ann and the other Buckette didn’t feel like playing in the cold and the rain and walked off, leaving play to continue without them.

“Decibelle” ready to make a swing at the beercone.

Lee Ann is a respectable Tapey Beercone player, and she holds her own and tries her best at every event. Lee Ann, unlike many of the Buckettes, also enjoys a beer or two while playing and she holds a respectable BPI of nearly 0.67 for her career.

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