From the Annals: The Regency Streak

As dictated by the sport’s Charter, Tapey Beercone is governed by seven Regents. These being the original seven players who founded the sport and played in its first games. All seven players are still active players today, and all have ample history playing throughout the sports five seasons. But what is somewhat remarkable is the consistency of their playtime, and the resulting streak.

Whereas when the sport’s second season was drawing to a close and six of the seven regents had all played in multiple games that season, Ryan “The Mechanic” had yet to play in any. Ryan would finally participate during the season. At the memorable game in New York’s Central Park, Ryan’s participation would extend the Regent’s rule streak of play into season 2.

Ryan’s play in New York kept the streak alive during season 2.

Season 3 and Season 4 went much more smoothly for the streak, with all regent’s playing in multiple games each season. So entering season 5 the streak was alive, and with 5 regent’s playing in the first game, only Ryan and Boyd “The Rocket” were needed to lock in the streak at five seasons.

Season 5 began with play from five regents.

Both remaining regent’s played during last May, Ryan during the spring games at The Ranch, and Boyd at the 2017 Tapey Beercone Open Game. So that would be that, streak complete, right?

Well maybe, but Boyd participated only at the Open, which while a grand exhibition of Tapey Beercone play, isn’t strictly a game in the sense that the Open Tournament runs four teams through a tournament instead of fixed teams playing only each-other for an entire game. So on this technicality the streak still lay in jeopardy. That was until last month’s second half opening series. When Boyd stepped up to bat in that game, he solidified the streak.

Boyd helps prep the field before with first full game of season 5.

Five season strong, with every regent playing during every season. Five seasons where through moves across the country, through long layoffs and periods of rapid play, and through separations and reunions the Regents were united by this game. Five seasons and counting.

Author: The Coach

#8 The Coach, founding Regent of Tapey Beercone.

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