Player Profile – #40 – Jim “The Colonel”

Jim is a journeyman Tapey Beercone player, founding Thane of the Lotus League, and host of the Tapey Beercone Open Game. Jim first played Tapey Beercone at the original running of the Open in 2016. A year later he was named MVP of the main event as part of a winning effort in the 2017 Open, and he repeated as champion again in 2018.

“The Colonel” was all smiles in 2017, having been named the Open Game’s MVP after pitching fantastically throughout the event.

In additional to his exploits at the Open Game, Jim helped to found the Lotus League, and he has participated in multiple Lotus League games held at Lotus Park. In Season 6, Jim made his debut in Buckos League play at the 7th Annual Oregon Tapey Beercone Invitation, started as pitcher, and collected a win.

Jim took the mound under the lights at Volcanoes Stadium

Jim is a competent pitcher, who pitches to contact and challenges batters with pitches across all corners of the strike zone. He rarely walks batters, and rarely allows hard contact. As a batter, Jim takes a similar approach, swinging early and often and rarely walking or striking out. He has a powerful swing allowing for well struck balls to all fields. “The Colonel” rounds out his skill set with impeccable drinking ability. He can chugs beers along with the Sport’s greats, and his fortitude gives him the ability to maintain high BPI levels late in games without sacrificing potency as a player. This ability was put on full display during the 2020 New Year’s Eve Lotus Game where Jim reached record levels of inebriation and was still able to make an amazing fielding play. Jim was coronated Beer Pope Colonel I for his efforts.

Pope Colonel I performed the miracle of exhibiting great fielding success under extreme inebriated duress, and he suffered a mean lat injury in the process.

Expect Jim to continue to rise in prominence within the Sport, and to challenge for some of the Sport’s top awards for seasons to come.

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