Player Profile – #27 – Tom “Megatron”

Tom is a Season 4 rookie who first played Tapey Beercone at the post wedding game at Brown’s Downs. Since then Tom has played sporadically, yet his play includes participating in some of the sport’s headliner events since his initiation to the Player’s Association including play at both the 2016 and 2017 Tapey Beercone Open Game as well as the Spring Training game in Pheonix. Tom is most notable for being the sport’s most prominent and successful sexagenarian. While is remains one of the sport’s oldest players, his skills and abilities belie his longevity.

Tom taking a big swing.

During his first game, Tom was part of a supplemental player draft, and was an early pick due to a tip from his wife, who told one of the captains (“The Hammer”) that Tom was “Deceptively Athletic”. He immediately proved this on the field going a perfect 2 for 2 in that first game. Less than a year later, still a relatively unknown talent, Tom’s recreational deception was put into full force during the Spring Training Pro-Am. During the game he fooled a doubtful defense by sending multiple hard hits over all the fielders heads. After one of these hits, when he rounded second for a stand up triple, his moniker was confirmed, for he was the ultimate deceiver, and as such he gained the name of another famous deceiver, the leader of the Decepticons. Tom was “Megatron”.

“Megatron” pitching at the Pro-Am.

Tom is an aggressive batter with a level swing who can strike the ball hard. This often leads to pulled ground balls to the third base side which usually become hits in Tapey Beercone. Unfortunately for Tom, to date many of his grounders have turned into outs leading to a variance between his BABIP and xBABIP of nearly 200 points, one of the highest in the league. Whether this is the result of insufficient speed on Tom’s part or simply bad luck is undetermined. Regardless, Tom may be one of a handful of Tapey Beercone batters who would benefit from adding additional loft to his swing, with the hope of turning some of those well struck grounders into well placed line drives and fly balls which would carry into the outfield assuring Tom a save trip to first base and beyond.

“Megatron” making solid contact in the air.

Tom rounds out his batting skill with experience on defense as a positive contributor from both the pitcher’s spot and the field. Tom also rates as an adequate drinker maintaining a near league average BPI to date. Do not fall for the same tricks as other have. Do not doubt “Megatron”, else you will be deceived.

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