Player Profile – #e – Jeff “The Natural”

Jeff entered Tapey Beercone as a rookie in Season 3 and immediately established himself as a game changing player. In Season 4 he was appointed to the post of Speaker of the Tapey Beercone Beer Congress, representing the interests of the TBC Player’s Association at large. He is widely respected by the Board of Regents as a considerate and thoughtful moderate whose insightful counsel often provides the Board of Regents with solutions to difficult issues. In recognition for his service to Tapey Beercone, he has been granted asylum and permanent residency status within the Buckos Nation. Jeff is also a Journeyman Ballsmith, having been certified as such by the Grand Master.

The Natural at the bat.

Jeff’s performance in the Season 3 Quake at the Lake combine revealed his potential immediately. He went on to prove his talents briefly in the game that followed, before it was ended by an overzealous Park Ranger gone mad with power. Jeff was invited to continue his rookie season at The Ranch that following weekend. In that outing, Jeff revealed the full scope of his athleticism, gaining him the nickname “The Natural” and ensuring his place in the top flight of elite players.

“The Natural”, as his name implies, came into the game needing no instruction on proper methods of hitting. His instinctive swing provides for both solid contact and better than average power, generating hard liners and grounders to left center field and the occasional crushed ball to right center. As a base runner, Jeff is fairly aggressive, utilizing his speed to stretch well hit balls for extra bases, while avoiding the running mistakes that typically plague new players.

Jeff is also an exceptional fielder, and has been markedly effective as an infielder. His natural agility seems to imbue him with preternatural twitch movement, allowing for snap plays and quick base runner outs. As an outfielder, he is likewise formidable, using that previously mentioned speed to track down flies.

“The Natural” securely holds a place as one of the game’s elite drinkers, sporting a 1.469 career BPI over 49 innings played, and is on track to join the 100 beers club during Season 5 if he is able to keep his playing time up.

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