Hammer Time: The Beercone: A Material Study – Part IV: Beercone Postmortem

In follow up to my previous posts concerning the material nature of the beercone, I am submitting this brief photo-essay concerning the case of a recently decommissioned beercone.

These are the tools of the Post Mortem beercone examiner
This Ball was used in the 2018 Tapey Beercone Open. It sustained MANY heavy blows and received an average amount of maintenance throughout the event.
As you can see, with the tape flayed open the obliterated core of the beercone reveals the incredible damage done to the cans.
The top can (far Left) took a critical hit at some point. It is clear to this examiner that this was a single impact, as it carried through into the center can (middle). The bottom can (right) is left mangled, but still recognizable.
This view in profile of the same cans provides further proof or the wrath wrought upon them. Note the bottom can (right) has retained both its neck plug and base in fairly good condition. This is consistent with other beercone autopsies.

This beercone is the average beercone. It was constructed by the Grand Master Ballsmith under ideal conditions from the preferred materials. However, it is not uncommon for cans to fracture. Usually the fracture occurs as a separation of the neck plug from the main body of the can. Once the neck plug has been separated, the remaining can tends to shred under the repeated impacts. This is one scenario that leads to the condition known colloquially as “Squishy Ball,” the only solution to which is a fresh layer of tape.

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