Photos from the 2018 Winter Classic

On a beautiful, sun shining day in Central California the Buckos met for The 2018 Winter Classic. Played at Creekview Court in Merced, CA, the Event provide an exciting end to Season 5.

Some photos and videos were taken of the event and can be seen below or click on the link to head directly to the album.

“The Mechanic” is all smiles, having safely made it to the Third Base Cooler.
In one of the game’s most exciting plays “The Reverend” slashes a 3 Run Double!

In the game’s most impactful play “The Stud” pops up to “The Coach” who is able to double up “The Mechanic” at third base, ending the inning and changing the odds of winning by over 10%.

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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