Breaking News: Tapey Beercone Celebrates Its 10 Year Anniversary with New Beerpope and Season 5 Awards


Tapey Beercone Celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary this past weekend marking a decade since beer cans were first wrapped in duct tape to play a base and ball sport. And with the Anniversary came a monumentous occurrence, the Coronation of a New Beerpope:

“The Rocket” crowning “The Master” while “The Master” figures out which “The Rocket” to shake hands with…

Pope Master I donned the ceremonial vestments and became pope after performing the miracle of seeing in both double and single vision whilst heavily intoxicated. Brian would go on to perform multiple additional miracles that day, and the retching sounds of those miracles could be heard across the campsite.

    In other news from Beer Pope Day Weekend, Awards for Season 5 were handed out:

  • Gerry “The Stud” was awarded the Jim Siemens Award of Excellence.
  • Dave “The Loadstar”, once known as “Deadweight”, was named the Mark Hendrix Most Improved Player of the Season.
  • Benny of Benny’s Donuts was named the Greg Thompson Rookie of the Season.
  • And repeat champion Boyd “The Rocket” was awarded the “Cold One” Drinking Award as the Sport’s most accomplished drinker.

Congratulations to all the deserving recipients!

“The Stud” stands high atop the Tapey Beercone landscape.

Stay tuned to the Blug for more updates on all the happenings from an exciting Beerpope Day Weekend, coming soon.

Author: Commissioners Office

The Office of the Commissioners of Tapey Beercone.

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