Commissioners end LOCKOUT!!

After two frantic weeks of tense negotiations the Office of the Commissioners has reached an agreement with the Office of the Commissioners to begin Season 7 as scheduled on Beerpope Weekend 2022.

Deliberations began in earnest shortly after the LOCKOUT!! was announced.

Entirety reasonable proposals were rejected again and again by the commissioners, leading to increasingly wild and unreasonable suggestions. At one point, late into the night of January 3rd, it seemed the season would be lost. Icelandic scab players were on the plane, ready to fly to the Ranch, but an eleventh hour agreement to retain coolers at third base brought all parties back to the table.

The Office of the Commissioners is pleased to announce the acceptance of the new Commissioners Bargaining agreement. The new agreements allows for rapid expansion of the players association, additional Bockos league games, more competitive fantasy sports, exciting new events, and yet more Beer. Please stay tuned for further details.

-The Hammer

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